West Bengal Janamanashe Mental Health Awareness Scheme

West Bengal Janamanashe Mental Health Awareness Scheme

Under the Janamanashe Mental Health Awareness Scheme, those women who are running this Janamanashe mental awareness scheme are going door to door in order to create mass awareness about this scheme. The main motive of this scheme is to know the mental status of the residents in order to identify and tackle the brain related problems.

According to the reports of the health department officials, this scheme will cover the entire state within next 1 and half years.

WB Janamanashe Mental Health Awareness Scheme

This mental health awareness scheme will be run by the specially trained women from SHGs and various mental health specialists. They will make visits door to door and chat with the family members as most of the people are not keen to discuss their mental status or admit to have mental problems.

This chatting will enable the women to know about the mental health of the residents and to identify any problem that may exist. Under this scheme, the state government will create a database which will enable counselling of people in order to make them aware of the need for treatment.

Now, here is the second part of the work under the West Bengal Janamanashe Mental Health Awareness Scheme. On certain days, the state government will organize various sessions at municipal buildings under mental health specialists. I

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