Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has launched India’s first handset with panic button

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The disaster came no need to panic. Just press a button on your mobile handset, will help here. Following the instructions of the government of the country with panic button LG India has launched the first mobile handset. Its value is estimated at about 14 thousand.

Law and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad have launched a new handset. It has a special button on the back of the Handset that is really a panic button. Especially if women are stuck in some trouble simply pressing the button three times will be needed. This phone will connect to the 112 emergency numbers for the whole country. The number of police, hospital, fire brigade and Women’s Helpline, which can all help. Prasad said the technique could provide the kind of protection shield, is a hallmark of the new button.

After the rape case came Nirbhaya thinking panic button has been introduced. Although a final decision has taken three years and last year it was decided after the first of January of every mobile handset panic button would be necessitated. The smartphone will find the specific phone, feature phone, or in the common phone number, press 5 or 9 will provide emergency services. Now in this case the next deadline is January 1, 2018 under which each would be required to have GPS in mobile handsets. GPS in the event of any trouble finding the person affected, because the location of the phone will come in different emergency services control room.

However, LG’s new phone costs 13 thousand 990 crores has been kept. It has two SIM can work. The handset Vioeltii (VoLTE – Voice over Long Term Evolution) technology can be used to negotiate. Also Viaieltii (ViLTE – Video over Long Term Evolution) through video can be sent easily from one place to another place. The handset, black, golden, and is available in titanium color. While the phone will be available in retail stores from February 23 to February 26 can be purchased online.

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