UIDAI Aadhar Virtual ID for Safety of Aadhar Card Details

Aadhaar Virtual ID

UIDAI Aadhar Virtual ID – There are some major changes being made by keeping the rising questions about the security of Aadhaar card in mind. Now the Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) is going to introduce ‘UIDAI Aadhar Virtual ID’. Now it will not be mandatory to provide the Aadhar Number in order to take the benefits of the facilities. Instead of this, you will be able to use virtual id. All agencies have been directed to implement it from June 1.

What is a UIDAI Aadhar Virtual ID?

This UIDAI Aadhar Virtual ID will be of 16 digits and it can be generated from the Aadhar website. This will safe the identity of the people. Also, the feature of ‘Apne Grahak Ko Jano‘ will be limited. Virtual ID will end the compulsion to provide Aadhaar number everywhere. This will allow the details of people like name, age, address etc to be kept safe.

It will be the 16-digit temporary ID, which will be generated from the Aadhaar number. This will not generate the Aadhar number of any person. The person’s name, address, photo verification will be verified. Any person, as often as they wish, can make a virtual ID. However, the old ID will end as soon as the new ID is created. Whenever you need ‘Apne Grahak Ko Jano‘, then virtual ID can be used with the fingerprint. Virtual IDs cannot be copied.
 About 119 Crore Aadhar Cards in Country

UIDAI has said that in recent times there have been many questions about the Aadhar’s privacy. Keeping this in view, new processes have been started to further strengthen the Aadhar. It is notable that till date, 119 crore Aadhar cards have been made in the country. It is being used in such departments as banks, telecom, public distribution and income tax.

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