Two housing schemes were launched by ADA

Housing Schemes

Allahabad Development Authority has launched two Housing schemes. These two housing scheme includes 20 plots and 96 apartments. Both of the schemes are in reach of middle class people, Also people  have begun applying for schemes on  Wednesday. The form  for these housing schemes can be taken from Axis Bank. Last date of form is by November 30.

ADA has launched – “Janhavi apartments scheme ” under the affordable housing scheme in Naini. It includes simple and intuitive  two types of accommodation. In simple way Area 28.16 square meter apartment will be in the range of 48. These flats will be of  One BHK flat with a rate of Rs 70 lakh has been set.

The Registration fee is set at Rs 77 thousand. Also note that after  allocation of flats  Rs one lakh fifteen thousand in three days must be credited.In  The natural range of 35.94 48 sq ft w flats to be made under this scheme. The rate of these is Rs 12 lakh. It is also one BHK. The application befor the registration is  Rs 20 lakh and Rs 80 lakh for allocations to be credited after that. These are four-story apartments to be built on the other hand in the plot plan to Shantipurm.

Under HIG category  there are six plots of 157 square meters area of two hundred. The rate is 25 to 28 thousand per square meter. Maiji seven plots are 90 to 98 square meters. The rate is 25 thousand per square meter. Ada  Additional Secretary gudakesha said that -” application  process has started and then  after checking that the application housing projects will be allocated by lottery. The ads for the scheme have been released on the website.

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