Telangana Single Women Pension Scheme

Single Women Pension Scheme

The State government is preparing to roll out the pension scheme announced by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for ‘Single Women Pension Scheme‘ at any cost by the end of this month.

Draft guidelines have already been framed and circulated to the districts.

The District Collectors conference scheduled on Monday will be taking a final decision on the modalities for the implementation of the scheme, leading to the issue of Government Order within a week.

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The District Collectors, who have already been asked to study the plight of single women in their respective districts, are expected to come out with useful feedback and more suggestions which would help effect further modifications to the draft guidelines. Official sources said the focus is more on women who have been forced out of their marital homes. In some cases, women have chosen to step out due to domestic violence and harassment by in-laws and living a destitute life in the absence of support from any source.

Age Criteria for Single Women Pension Scheme

Based on the statistics available from various studies, including the household survey, the number of single women who will merit consideration for the sanction of Rs 1,000 pension could be in the range of 2.5 lakh to three lakh. It would depend more on the age criterion that is to be taken into consideration for sanction of the new pension.

The Chief Minister had announced in the Legislative Assembly during the budget session that the Rs 1,000 per month pension for single women would come into effect from 2017-18. He instructed the district collectors to start recording details of single women in the districts. He also appealed to the eligible women to get their names registered under the scheme. He directed the legislators also to take responsibility in getting the eligible women enrolled under the scheme.

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Step Hailed

In certain districts, the collectors had already started reaching out to women subjected to material deprivation due to various social and economic factors through the issue of ration cards and house sites. The official machinery of the local bodies, especially at the ward level in gram panchayats, has already taken up the preliminary exercise identifying single women in need of pension support. There could be ten to 12 such cases in every major village, an official in the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), said.

The Commissioner, Rural Development, Neetu Kumari Prasad had already held a meeting with the officials concerned in the process of identification of beneficiaries as the government wanted to go ahead with the pension with effect from this month. A total of 13.41 lakh widows is already drawing a pension of Rs 1,000 each from the government. Recognition accorded to single women in need of government help was welcomed as a major step in the direction of restoring their dignity. Women’s organizations have hailed it as a revolutionary step.

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