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Telangana Land Record Online, Telangana Online Land Record Details, How to Check Land Details, Online Telangana Land Details, Dharani, Phani. To provide better service of the citizen of Telangana, The state government of Telangana has been launched Land Record Online service for land record and survey. With the help of the Telangana Land Record Online service, the Commissioner, Survey, Settlements and Land Records (CSSLR), Government of Telangana deals survey related all the works of all revenue villages and municipal towns of the state.


  1. Conducting original/ resurvey /supplemental survey and creation of land records.
  2. Maintenance of survey sub-division work and updated land records.
  3. Resolution of all types of land disputes coming under the preview of the revenue survey.
  4. Prints village/street/town survey maps, taluk / Mandal Dist State maps and Field Measurement Books and distributes them among the Govt. Dept., as also supplies copies to the private applicants on payment.


To provide service to the related of land survey, settlement and land records with efficiency and fairness.

How to Check Telangana Land Record Online

  • First go the official website of Office of Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Government of Telangana
  • In the right side of the Home page, you may find Citizen Service
  • Below the citizen service, click the “Know Your Land Status
  • Now the new page will be open, where you can find the “RECORD OF RIGHTS (ROR)
  • Click the Pahani & ROR-1B Button
  • Now a new page will be open
  • Select District, division, Mandal, and Finally Village
  • After the select all of the above you may search the Telangana Land Record Online by Khata No. or Survey No.
  • You may also search by Buyer name and Seller Name or Mutation Date
  • After the fill all the details click the “Get Details” Button
  • Now the your land record will be available
  • Otherwise you may search the land record with the “Integrated Land Search” button in the page of “Know your Land Status.

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