Telangana KCR Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme for Ryots तेलंगाना सरकार

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Telangana government’s Health and Life Insurance Scheme ( तेलंगाना सरकार स्वास्थ्य और जीवन बीमा योजना). whole information about KCR Health Scheme. Application form. Benefits of the scheme. Supporting price and other invaluable details pertaining to the scheme.

KCR Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme in Telangana for Ryots

Telangana Government has announced KCR mega Health Insurance Scheme for Ryots. Under the scheme, there are many benefits for farmers of Telangana state. Through this schemes government will provide 5 lakh rupees to farmers in case of an unexpected health problem or death cause of the natural and non-natural condition. This is a health insurance scheme and it will help of invulnerable and helpless farmers of Telangana. Govt. will bear all expansion under 5 lakh rupees as hospitalization, treatment expansion, and much more expansions.  Accordingly, to KCR government is going to include 500 crores in the budget of 2018-19 for enforcing this scheme in public. Through the scheme around 70 lakh, farmers will avail benefits of Health Insurance. Now farmers are neither alone nor helpless because of Telangana govt. is always stand by them and keep supporting in any condition whether it is health or financial.

Telangana Governments efforts to provide Rs. 2200 for paddy and also urges to Central Government to increase the amount. Farmers are the life-line between Indian food and groceries market that’s why not only state government but also central government should responsible for supporting them.

उपरोक्त दी गई जानकारी के अतिरिक्त यदि आपको किसी प्रकार की समस्या है तो आप हमें कमेंट के माध्यम से बता सकते है या आप हमें कोई सुझाव भी दे सकते है | हम आपके सुझाव और समस्या का पूरी तरह निदान करेंगे | धन्यवाद् 


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