Telangana Govt. to Implement a New Welfare Scheme for Pregnant Women

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Telangana State Government preparing the implementation of a new welfare scheme for the pregnant women of the state. On Monday, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had announced the implementation of a scheme to financially assist pregnant women and lactating mothers from April 1, 2017. Under this scheme, the state government will also provide a kit named KCR Kit to the pregnant women.

Under the scheme, the state government will provide a financial assistance to the pregnant women who deliver their child in Government hospital. The scheme envisaged release of 12,000 in three installments to women who delivered at government hospitals.

Besides this, Rs 12,000, a special kit worth Rs 2,000 having all the necessary items required for a newborn would also be provided to the mothers.

The wages of Anganwadi teachers were hiked from Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,500 per month. When the state has formed the wages of Anganwadi workers were Rs 4,200 per month. The TRS government had increased the wages in 2015 to Rs 7,000. Now, the wages have been further increased to Rs 10,500.

People desired that the kit should be named KCR Kit,” an official release said after the meeting. Apart from this, Rao has also announced the increase of wages of Anganwadi workers.

Taking into account the seniority, qualifications, Anganwadi teachers will be promoted as supervisors, the chief minister announced and also extended insurance scheme to them. Priority would be given to Anganwadi workers while allotting double bedroom houses. Fine quality rice would also be supplied to Anganwadi centers.

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