Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking & Lorry Owner Registration

Online Sand Booking

Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking – The state government of Tamil Nadu has started a new online portal for Online Sand Booking. On this portal the lorry owners can register their self for online sand booking. This portal provides an easiest way of registration and online booking of sand. The state government has also mandated that the people will have to register their self who want to purchase sand online. For online registration, the people can visit TNSAND offiicial website.

Steps for Online Sand Booking at www.tnsand.in

  • STEP 1: The people can visit TNSAND official website of online sand booking www.tnsand.in
  • STEP 2:  After reach on home page click on General People “பொது மக்கள்” option.
  • STEP 3: After that you will see an application form where you will have to fill all the required fields and click on “Create Booking” button for booking.

  • STEP 4: In the final step you will receive a reference number which can be use to track you booking of sand.

Steps for Lorry Owner Registration at www.tnsand.in

  • For lorry owner registration the people can visit  website at https://www.tnsand.in/Home/Home
  • After reaching on home page you will see a link ” Are you waiting for sand “நீங்கள் மணலுக்காகக் காத்திருக்கிறீர்களா?” click on it and go for next process.
  • After that you will have to fill a lorry owner registration form as you can in the image.

  • Fill all the detail carefully and click on Register button.
  • After the completion of registration, if you want login click on Sign In “உள்நுழை” button and login to check the details.

Procedure for Book Sand Online and Register Using TNSAND Android App

The state government has also launched a TNSAND mobile app for online sand booking with help of this mobile the people can get all the facilites like land owner registration, lorry registration, and booking status.

Key Features of TNSAND mobile app

  • Public Entry – With the help of this mobile app, the people can select a suitable quarry and bookmark.
  • Entry of the lorry owner – By using this app, the lorry owners can easily manage their details of lorries and they can selelect the proper quarry. Besides, they can also choose the sequence number and the date the sand is allotted and can go to the quarry at appropriate times.
  • Explicit row –  In this scheme, all the sand quarries can be traced to the current line of status in Tamil Nadu.
  • Homepage – The lorry owner can check the timing of reserved lorry, the serial number of the confirmed lorry, the day of sand and the unregistered lorries.
  • Booking – In this feature, you can book online sand.
  • Announcement – All the details will be send on the registered mobile number and e-mail id.

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