Automation of Fair Price Shops Scheme in Haryana – How to get Benefit

“Automation of Fair Price Shops scheme” is a new initiative by the Haryana government in order to install automation systems in the fair price shops of the state for the purpose of the entire details, right from sowing of seeds by farmer up to storage in godowns to be recorded by the government, therefore leaving no space for its diversion. Further, the programme will be linked with fair price shops. » Read more

Deen Dayal mass housing scheme launched in Gurgaon by PM Narendra Modi


Deen Dayal mass housing scheme” is a new scheme that has been launched by Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gurgaon on Tuesday during the occasion of Haryana Swarn Jayanti. Pm also announced other schemes in Haryana such as fair price shops and kerosene free state schemes . » Read more