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Study In India Program – The Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Foreign Ministry jointly launched the program called Study In India ( Through this program, now, the path of Indian universities has become easier for foreign students who are interested in studying in India. 

Study In India Portal –

Through the study in India portal, foreign students can go directly to one place and apply for admission in all these institutes and according to their merit they will get admission in some university. In order to take this program forward, the government will spend Rs 150 crore in two years to enable India to recognize the identity of the world in the field of appropriate education.

Let us know, about 47,000 foreign students in India are studying. Most of these students come from countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh besides African countries. The goal of the government is to bring 1.5 lakh to two lakh foreign students to India to study by 2022.

Top 25% of Meritorious Students’ Fee will be Completely Waived Under Study In India Program

Under this program, the government will encourage students from 30 countries from Asia and Africa to come to India, including Nepal, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Rwanda To attract foreign students in India, the government will completely waive the top 25% meritorious students’ fees. To encourage foreign students to come to India, the government will also relax the visa rules for these students.

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar on the occasion of launching this ‘Study in India’ program said that the benefits of world-class higher education in India are rarely available at the cost, so hardly any country in the world. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj welcomed the foreign students and said that this program is an invitation to foreign students to come to India and read it.

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