Samajwadi E-Rikshaw Yojana for Poor Rickshaw Pullers in Uttar Pradesh

Samajwadi E-Rickshaw Yojana

Samajwadi E Rickshaw Yojana

As the assembly elections are coming forward, the Uttar Pradesh State Government has introduced several schemes to ensure the Samajwadi government in the state. The state government launched laptop scheme for the students of the state before, now in this order, the state government of Uttar Pradesh has launched ‘Samajwadi E-Rikshaw Yojana‘ for the poor rickshaw pullers of the state.

Under this scheme, the state government has promised to provide Battery operated Moter E-rickshaw to poor pullers in assembly elections. This is the reason of launching the scheme nearby the elections.

Features of Samajwadi E Rickshaw Yojana

  • These E-Rickshaws are totally free of cost, pullers have nothing to pay and the scheme will surely be useful for those who are using traditional rickshaw for earning.
  • Presently these rickshaws are given for trial basis. Soon, the rickshaw will be distributed in all over the UP under this scheme.
  • Currently, the government has distributed 23 model of rickshaw which is prepared by 13 companies.
  • Servicing of the rickshaw will be done by the government.

Around 2.48 lakh rickshaw-pullers have registered ‘Samajwadi E-Rickshaw Scheme’. The initial price of this rickshaw is Rs 55000 and companies submitted their rickshaw up to Rs 97000 valuation.

The distribution process of E-Rickshaw will be started soon as the government selects any one of these models.All the trials will be done under the supervision of Nodal Agency SUDA’s officials (State urban Development authority).

सरकारी योजनाओं पढ़े हिंदी में

Other Important Features of E-Rickshaw

  • These rickshaws are specially designed for India roads. E-Rickshaw Queen will be economical and better in quality lower in cost.
  • Great handling and braking performance, improved quality of parts, high-quality fiberglass body, robust design with a combination of metal and fiberglass provide economical efficiency and unbeatable performance and other features are available.
  • Queen is an Indian Brand manufacturing e-rickshaw and ensuring quality and performance.
  • They are designed to deliver an outstanding performance, durability and a cost effective product.
  • These rickshaws are made of FRP material which is much stronger, durable and lighter in weight.
  • The company will provide warranty on most parts of them.

Specifications Of E-Rickshaw

  • The 4 seater e-rickshaw is designed to load up to 380kg- four passengers, driver and 40 kg luggage).
  • Maximum Speed of the rickshaw is 20-25 kmph, the minimum range of 80 km, the minimum speed of 5 kmph at a gradient of 3degree and with starting and moving capability at a 7-degree gradient, driven by a brushless AC or DC motor of output power 850 watts or above but not more that 2000Watt.
  • Driven from an EV grade battery of 100Ah, confirming to the ministry of Road Transport and highway GSR No. 709 (E) dated 8 October 2014 and Notification No. S.O. 2590 (E) dated 8 October 2014 and also the additional test specified elsewhere in this document.

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