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Rajasthan Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojana (राजस्थान भामाशाह पशु बीमा योजना) – Rajasthan Government has introduced Bamashah Pashu Bima Yojana in its state in coordination with Animal Husbandry, Rajasthan Animal Husbandry and Training Institute. Under this scheme, the state government will provide subsidy financially to the cattle feeders by getting insurance at subsidized premium rates of the cattle.

Now the Animals feeder will now be able to ensure their animals from the house. For this, animals are being insured by the Animal Husbandry Department under Bhamashah Insurance Scheme. Under the scheme, there should be Bhamashah card for the cattle buyers to get insurance.

Details of Rajasthan Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojana (राजस्थान भामाशाह पशु बीमा योजना कम्पलीट डिटेल्स)

Under this scheme, the Rajasthan Livestock Development Board will be operated by the United India Insurance Company, Jaipur, in all the districts of the state. Under this Bimaashah animal insurance scheme, the insurance of cardholder animal husbandry will be done at a subsidized rate of premium. Under this scheme, cow, buffalo, camel, horse, donkey, bull, paw, goat, sheep and the pig will be insured. Passagu insurance can be done for one year or three years.

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How to Apply for Rajasthan Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojana (राजस्थान भामाशाह पशु बीमा योजना कैसे अप्लाई करे)
  • The animal husbandry will have to download the application letter to insure the animal.
  • The Animal Husbandry Officer will have to give information about the copy of Bamashah card with the application letter, documents related to Ration Card, SC-ST category, bank account number, Aadhaar card and premium amount.
  • The animal husband should go to his nearest animal hospital and submit the proposal letter, insurance acceptance letter and the premium amount will be deposited in the insurance company.
  • For identifying the insured animal a photograph of a twelve-digit animal tag will be taken.
  • Health certificate of animal will be issued by government veterinarians.
Rajasthan Sahkar Jeevan Suraksha Bima Yojana – 10 Lakh Insurance Scheme 
Rajasthan Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojana Primium Rates

Under this insurance scheme, the Scheduled / BPL category veterinarians will have to deposit 30 percent of the prescribed premium amount and 50 percent of the general category cattle traders. That is, a premium of Rs 50 thousand buffalo whose total premium would be Rs 1604. In which Scheduled Castes and BPL farmers will have to pay a premium of Rs 628 as premium and 907 rupees to the common cattle owners. The remaining 70 percent of the premium will be provided by the government. Under this scheme, buffaloes of up to 50 thousand rupees will be insured. Hundred percent insurance benefits will be provided on the death of the dead animal in the disease or accident of the application.

How to Apply for Rajasthan Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojana
  • Animal Husbandry must be informed for animal insurance in the concerned veterinary hospital to ensure their animals.
  • After the notice, veterinary and related insurance company agents will reach the farmer’s house.
  • There the veterinary doctor will issue health certificate by examining the health of the animal.
  • For insurance, the animal husband should have an account in Bhamashah card and bank.
  • The insurance company will put a tag in the ear of the animal while insuring the animal.
  • A joint photographer with the animal husbandry will be taken.
  • Later the insurance policy of the animal will be issued.
  • If the tag falls from the ear of the Animal then the Animal Feeder have to report to the insurance company. By which the insurance company could add new tag to the animal.

Dr. Mukesh, a senior veterinary doctor from BandarSindari area said that till now 1,050 animals have been insured.

The farmer who has a bustard card can get his 5 animals insured. The premium amount is 50 thousand rupees. SC-ST and BPL are 70 percent exemption.

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