Rajasthan Annapoorna Milk Scheme – राजस्थान अन्नपूर्णा दूध योजना

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Rajasthan Annapoorna Milk Scheme – The Rajasthan Government has launched the Rajasthan Annapurna Milk Scheme / राजस्थान अन्नपूर्णा दूध योजना in the mid-day meal scheme to increase enrollment of students studying in primary and upper primary schools, prevent drop-out, and increase the nutritious level of the students. For this, the Commissioner of Mid Day Meal will be given the amount of liter of milk per student and in every school, the instructions of the milk will be from where besides the dairy. According to officials of the Education Department, this arrangement will be implemented from the session starting in July.

Rajasthan Annapoorna Milk Scheme – राजस्थान अन्नपूर्णा दूध योजना

Under the Rajasthan Annapoorna Milk Scheme, in government schools –

Children studying from class one to five will be given to 150ml milk

students of class 6 to 8 will be provided in 200 ML schools

This scheme is meant to provide nutrition to kids who cannot afford milk. The milk distribution will be done under the guidance of the school management committees.

Milk Will Be Provided 3 Times a Week Under Rajasthan Annapoorna Milk Scheme

Under the mid-day meal, nutrition is given six days a week. While milk will be fed three days a week. The milk must be taken from the mustard dairy. In the urban areas, warmed milk will be provided on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and in the rural areas, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or similar to urban areas. Milk will be given after prayer meeting.

Number of Students

There are almost 80000 government schools in Rajasthan where more than 8500000 students are studying. In one district, there are about 14 lakh students studying in classes 1 to 8 in primary, upper primary and madrasas. There are 38 thousand 684 students studying from class five to 75 thousand 342 and from sixth to eighth. Such students who will be fed milk with nutrition in the new session.

The Commissioner had sought information from the office of the District Education Officer recently at eight points from mid-day-mile. In this, the number of students studying in the school name, village, panchayat, panchayat samiti, tehsil, district and primary and the upper primary class was sought. On which the information was sent by the department. This information will now be sent to Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation. From where milk can be supplied.

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