Pradhan Mantri Free 4G Smartphone Scheme for Rural People

Pradhan Mantri Free 4G Smart Phone Scheme

The central government is likely to launch Free 4G Smartphone Scheme soon. This scheme will be soon launched by the Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi to promote digital India and digital transactions.

Under this scheme, free 4g smartphones along with free data services will be provided to the people of rural areas to increase connectivity in villages across the country.

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As the country is moving towards cashless transaction to promote make digital India, so internet connectivity and smartphone are required for everyone. While in rural areas, internet connectivity is less. Therefore keeping this in view, the government is thinking about the Free 4G Smartphone Scheme to provide to provide smartphone and better data services to the people of rural areas. The scheme will be implemented in phases and is expected to benefit more than 70 lakh people of rural areas.

The smartphone which will be provided under this scheme will contain all the features as like a general smartphone from camera to wifi features.

The government has allotted Finance Ministry and Telecom Ministry to provide detail report for the Scheme.

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