Pradhan Mantri Digital India Program || डिजिटल इंडिया

Digital India

The Indian Government has started Digital India Program to make all the government services online for all the citizens of India. In this programme the government will improve online infrastruture by increasing Internet connectivity. This program was launched by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under this program, the all the rural areas will be connected with high-speed internet connectivity.

Aim of Digital India Program

The central government has launched this program with aim to traforming India into the digital India by spreading better connectiy of rural areas with high-speed connectity. With the help of this program the government is want provide all the government to the citizens digitaly. This program will be implemented by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY). In this program government will connect every village with internet where all the citizens will be use this service and they will be able to access all the government services easliy. The total investment of the program will be arrenged by the Ministries / Departments in the State or the State Governments. While this project will be assessed by the respective nodal ministries/departments.

There are three component of this program.

  • The creation of digital infrastructure
  • Delivery of services digitally
  • Digital literacy

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Scope of Digital India

  • This program will create more knowladge in the citizens
  • This program will help in transforming India
  • Every city village and rural area will connect with high speed internet
  • This is most important program which will cover all the departments.
  • This program will change the thinking criteria of the people they will go to the digitaly
  • Allong with this program other all such schemes or programs will restarted for implementation properly.

Attitude and Method

  • The ministry, departmens and state will avail the benefit of this program
  • Existing/ongoing e-Governance services will restart on the terms of Digital India. It will improve all the government system for providing services to the citizens.
  • The government will give more flexibility for the states to identify and incorporate related to this program
  • It will improve the E-Governance services for providing better services to the citizens
  • In order to implement this program the public-private partnership will also be given preference.

Background: Digital India program

Digital India Program is a most important and intiative step of India government which has been taken for traforming India. The government has taken this dicision because the a large number of population is living in rural areas where the people are enable to get government services. Under this program the government connect all the village with internet connectivity for providing better services to the citizens. It will create a big empowerment in the society and the people get digital literacy and they will able to get more knowladge. In the present time, the government is transforming all the department digitaly and all the services also going on online. Now most of the government services and other government important details are available online. This program will also create a transparency between government and citizens related to the services.

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Official Website of Digital India Program

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