Pm Modi Launched worth 3800 Crore Tribal Development Scheme on 66 birthday

Narendra Modi celebrated his 66 birthday by blessing Gujrat with a new scheme for development in Tribal areas. Prime Minister arrived in his home state Gujarat to attend the events organised by his home town for celebrating his 66th birthday on Friday  from Delhi.

After celebrating the  birthday he then headed to Limkheda to launch schemes for tribal development in the village.

In an attempt to  launch this scheme correctly, During his speech Modi unpacked various schemes for tribal development.Such as he handed over land ownership documents to tribals in the village. He also inaugurated various water management schemes to benefit tribals living in the forest areas.

“Sabka saath , Sabka vikas ” was the only vison of Pm so far even during the announcment he spoke about his vision.
He spoke about water scarcity in the state and his efforts how to resolve the problem by saying – .

“Water is the most important resource for us. In eastern part of Gujarat, Adivasis suffered water shortage. Now we have ensured that they will not suffer. This foundation stone here will ensure that water is harvested. My adivasi brothers will find it running in taps in their kitchen.”

He also mentioned farmers of state during his speech – “I know that the farmer here is very skilled and I have also seen the farmer is innovative and willing to learn new things. I am glad I got the opportunity to be with my adivasi sisters and brothers. I always hope Gujarat continues to scale new heights

Gujarat has vowed to save electricity like the rest of India. Over 2.25 crore LED bulbs have replaced LCD bulbs under the development scheme.

  Quick Description – Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 66th birthday today unveiled schemes worth Rs. 3,800 crore at Limkheda in Dahod district of Gujarat by  handing over land ownership documents to tribal people and inaugurated various water management schemes.
  1. The programme has been organised under the Gujarat Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna for the districts lying in the state’s forest belt.
  2. The schemes, include six water supply and four lift irrigation projects.
  3. The water supply projects will provide drinking water to about 21 lakh people residing in 960 villages, including 23 settlements in the Dahod, Mahisagar, Narmada and Chhotaudepur districts
  4. The lift irrigation projects based on Kadana-Karjan and Kakrapar Reservoirs will provide irrigation in nearly one lakh hectares in Dahod, Narmada, Mahisagar and Surat districts.
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