PM Modi Announces SAMPADA Scheme for Value Addition of Agriculture Produce


On last Friday, the Indian Prime Minster Narender Modi has made an announcement of the launch of a new scheme in agriculture Sampada BSE 4.95% which will bring the value of addition of agriculture produce.

After inaugurating the Indian agriculture research in Gogamukh, Assam, PM said that on three-year completion of the NDA government I am announcing the launch of new scheme Sampada. Value addition of agriculture will bring more income to farmers.

PM asked farmers to adopt new technology. He said to farmers that the government has seen a big dream, a dream of doubling farmers income by 2022 and the government is working towards it. There are several schemes are launched for this. In three years’ time, we have done wonders.

PM informed that there will be two new centers in Delhi-based Indian Agricultural Research Institute, of which, one of which is coming up in Assam. He said that the government wants to take researches done in the lab to land and setting up of this institute will assist the local farming practice.

PM said that NDA government launched soil health card. Soil cards were there earlier, even scientists also existed but earlier there were only 15 social health card centers for a country which has such huge number of the farmer. We set up around 9000 centers and will further scale it up.

PM said that the government is committed to taking the irrigation facility to those areas where there is no water. Giving the example PM said that Sikkim is an example of organic production. We are working on the compost.

PM Modi further said that it is time forever green revolution. Timber is imported in the country and we can produce the same in our crop land. We can increase our milk production.

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