Pradhan Mantri E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme – Install E-Charging Station & Earn

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PM E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme Pradhan Mantri E-Vahan Charging Station Yojana E-Vehicle Charging Station Installation Scheme प्रधानमंत्री इ-वाहन चार्जिंग स्टेशन योजना सरकार ई-वाहन चार्जिंग स्टेशन लगाने करने के लिए लोगों को सब्सिडी या वित्तीय प्रदान करेगी।

PM E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme

In order to promote electric vehicles in the country, the Central Government has come up with a new scheme named Pradhan Mantri E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme. Under this scheme, any person can earn increase his income by joining the scheme. Under this, the government will soon introduce a basic structure policy for charging electric vehicles. It is also expected to allow ordinary people to install E-Vehicle Charging Stations for commercial use. It has been said in the policy that every person is free to install e-Vehicle Charging Station.

Details Of PM E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme

Under the PM E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme, the government will provide subsidy or financial to the people for installing E-Vehicle Charging Station. Through these charging station, people can earn money by charging e-vehicles such as E-Rickshaw, E-Cars etc and its take charging amount from the owners.

Per Unit Cost Details 

Charging of electric vehicle is a service. There is no need for a license for this. Without driving license, the electric vehicle will be promoted. However, under the Electricity Act, licenses for electricity transmission, distribution and trading are mandatory. But the government can exclude the charging station in this new policy. The ministry argues that the charging station does not mean the transmission, distribution or tading of electricity. According to the official information, the Cost of charging in the new policy would be less than Rs 6 per unit.

Cost Of E-Rickshaw Charging

The running cost per kilometer of e-rickshaw or electric vehicle is less than 1 rupee. However, the cost per vehicle of gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle is around 6.50 rupees.

No Need Of Licence

There will be no need of any licence for installing E-Vehicle Charging Station under PM E-Vehicle Charging Station Scheme

Target Of Widespread Usage Of E-Vehicles by 2030

In order to promote e-vehicles in the country, there is a need for basic development related to charging. Government is going to implement e-vehicles for the widespread use of the country by 2030. One of its main objectives is to reduce carbon emissions to a third level of 2005.


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