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Hello readers, today I am going to provide you some important details of Petrol Pump Dealer Chayan Yojana. In my last articles, I got many comments related to Petrol Pump Dealer Chayan Land Requirement, Registration Amount, Category Reservation etc. I have created Petrol Pump Dealer Chayan FAQs. In this article, you will get answers of all major questions. So let’s Start –

Q – What are the locations selected for opening new petrol pump?

A – You can check the location online by following the simple steps given below – 

  • Firstly, visit this link –
  • On this page, select your state from the list.
  • After that, select the company and click on ” View All/Apply” option
  • Then, the complete details including location, reservation etc will appear on your screen. You can apply for any location by clicking on “Apply Now” option.

Q – If you do not have own land in the selected area, is this required to purchase the land before applying?

A – In case applicant do now own land in the selected area for opening a new petrol pump, then he can take land on lease. Applicant must have land or leased land on the date of online application.

Q – What is the Application/Registration Fee?

Here are the details of application fee payable at the time of application –

For Regular (Urban / Semi Urban Area) ROs (Retail Outlets – Petrol Pumps) –

  • Locations reserved for SC/ST category Rs. 3000/-
  • Locations reserved for OBC category Rs. 5000/-
  • Other locations Rs. 10000/-

For Rural ROs (Retail Outlets – Petrol Pumps) –

  • Locations reserved for SC/ST category Rs. 2500/-
  • Locations reserved for OBC category Rs. 4000/-
  • Other locations Rs. 8000/

Q – Application Fee is Refundable?

A – No, application/registration fee is non-refundable.

Q – What is the Fixed Fee / Bidding Amount for New Petrol Pump?

A – Here are the details of NON-REFUNDABLE FIXED FEE / BIDDING AMOUNT for Petrol Pump Dealer Chayan –

In case of Dealer Owned sites i.e, “B” site / DC site ROs (Retail Outlets – Petrol Pumps) – 

  • For Rural Area – Rs. 5 lakhs
  • For Urban / Semi Urban Areas – Rs. 15 Lakh

In case of Corporation owned sites i.e, “A” / “CC” site ROs Retail Outlets – Petrol Pumps) – 

  • For Rural Area – Rs. 10 lakhs
  • For Urban / Semi Urban Areas – Rs. 30 Lakh

Note – All the selected candidate will have to pay the whole amount (within 15 days of receipt of NOC). The OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies i.e. HP, BPCL etc.) will start the installation of their facilities only after collection of Fixed fee / Bidding amount. This amount is non-refundable.

Q – Can the Applicant do government / private job with the ownership of petrol pump?

A – No, the applicant cannot do any kind of job or other business along with the ownership of petrol pump. 

Q – What are the Education Qualification Requirement?

A – Applicant must have passed minimum Class – Xth.

Q – What is the Land Lease Period?

A – The land must be available to the applicant as on the date of application and should have a minimum lease of 19 years and 11 months from the date or after the date of advertisement but not later than the a of application.

Note – There should be provision to Sub-lease the land in the Lease agreement.

Q – What are the Land Related Documents needed at the time of Application?

Here are the details of the land-related required documents needed at the time of application – 

  • Khasra / Khatauni or any equivalent revenue document or certificate from revenue official confirming the status of the ownership of the land
  • Registered Sale deed/Registered Gift deed.
  • Registered Lease deed for a minimum period of 19 years and 11 months 
  • Any other type of ownership/transfer deed document
  • Lease agreement or firm allotment letter issued by Government / SemiGovernment bodies

Q – Is there any reservation for Backward Castes?

Yes, there is reservation for Backward Castes and Others. The Percentage of reservation for various categories in all the States except Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram is given below in the image – 

Petrol Pump Dealer Chayan Reservation Details

Q – What is the Age Criteria for Petrol Pump Dealer Chayan?

A – 21 Years to 60 Years.

Q – How much land is Required for Petrol Pump Dealership?

A – Here are the details of Petrol Pump Dealership Land Requirement 

  • Land Required for opening Petrol Pump On State or National Highway – Minimum 1200 to 1600 Square Meter
  • Land Required for opening Petrol Pump in Urban Areas – Minimum 800 Square Meter
  • Land Required for opening Petrol Pump in Rural Areas – Minimum 700 Square Meter

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Friends, hope you liked the article and got answers of your questions. If you still have some questions or query, please comment down. I will surely help you soon.

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