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Adolescent Child Details Pencil Portal: Children are a valuable asset for any society. They constitute a very large segment of our population. As per 2011 Census, the persons below the age of 14 years account for 29% of the total population while persons between the age group 14-18 years account for another 10% of the total population.

The child’s natural place is at school and the playground. However many children are unfortunately denied these basic development opportunities in childhood. They instead get burdened with work because of poverty, irregular income streams for the family, economic shocks, ignorance, lack of access to social security, education, health facilities, food security etc. The 2013 World Report on Child Labour prepared by the ILO has observed that child labour can compromise the productive capacity of workers during adulthood and thereby constrain both national economic growth and efforts to reduce poverty.

Objective of Pencil Portal

This platform is designed to help the children who are works as a child labour. This portal is ruined by National Child Labor Project Scheme. The scheme aims to  withdrawn from work, and put into NCLP Special Training Centres where they are provided bridge education, vocational training, mid-day meal, stipend, health care and recreation etc. with the ultimate objective of preparing them to be mainstreamed into the formal system of education. Adolescents are withdrawn from hazardous occupations / processes to have benefited from skills training wherever required and are linked to legally permissible occupations. Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India introduced a platform to rehabilitate child labour named as Pencil Portal. Pencil platform stands for Platform for Effective Enforcement for No Child Labour.

TARGET GROUP of Pencil Portal

The scheme focuses on:

i) All child workers below the age of 14 years in theidentified target area.

ii) Adolescent workers below the age of 18 years in the target area engaged in hazardous Occupations / processes

iii) Families of Child workers in the identified target area

Aims of Pencil Portal

  • To eliminate all forms of child labour through Identification and withdrawal of all children in the Project Area from child labour.
  • Preparing children withdrawn from work for mainstream education along with vocational training;
  • Ensuring convergence of services provided by different              government departments/agencies for the benefit of child and their family

The overall approach of the project is to create an enablingenvironment in the target area, where children are motivated and empoweredthrough various measures to enroll in schools and refrain from working, andhouseholds are provided with alternatives to improve their income levels.

The scheme focuses on
  • All child workers below the age of 14 years in the identified target area
  • Adolescent workers below the age of 18 years in the target area engaged in hazardous occupations / processes
  • Families of Child workers in the identified target area

How to Register Complain/Report

  • Go to the official website
  • Click Complain/Report Child
  • Click New Complain
  • A new page will be open
  • Here fill Child Labor/Adolescent Child Details
  • Fill Address where child found
  • Also fill Reporting Person Details

If you find any child labor, complain or report the child toPencil Platform to save childhood and valuable assets of nation.


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