One Million People will get Pakka house by 2019 Under PM Awas Yojana- Pm Modi

By 2019, nearly one million people across the country will be benefited by Pakka houses Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. For this purpose Rural Development Ministry has a clear goal.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start Pm Awas yojana – Rural Housing Scheme in Agra of Uttar Pradesh on November 20.Starting of this scheme will be intensified to build concrete houses(Pakka Houses). 3.3 million houses will be built in the current financial year under thsi scheme. In view of the impending elections, the government’s special focus is on UP. UP in the next three years, nearly 12 million Concrete Houses are to be made. 4 lakh 30 thousand houses are to be built in the current financial year under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Pakka Awas Yojana.

Rural Development Minister Narendra Singh Tomar taking into account said that local needs concrete houses will be constructed under special design. IIT Delhi and UNDP has finalized the design. 200 designs of some designs will be inspected by Prime Minister narendra Modi in Agra – Sources said. The design of the houses have been designed in such a way that they can easily withstand earthquakes, floods, cyclones and other natural disasters. Durable and quality houses to be build in about 18 states have been discussed.
Also builders that are contracted to design – “Designed specifically” to build houses has been training for about six months. Prime Minister will also meet with these builders during speaking at the launch of the scheme in Agra.

Prime Minister Housing Scheme has been upgraded significantly than previous years. The new houses will be in 25 meters. Central government is planning to give Rs 1.20 lakh to North East and other hilly areas amount to Rs 1.30 lakh under this Pakka House yojana. In addition to this – 90 days of wages under MGNREGA housing will be given for about 18 thousand rupees each. Sanitation item will get Rs 12 thousand. Overall, half a million Rupees for a house to meet decided conditions. Government has started talking to various banks and arranged the loan of 70 thousand.For construction of houses nearly Rs 81 million has been allocated. 2022 year is the target of providing housing to the needy. Upto then 2 crore 90 lakh houses will be needed. under the scheme beneficiaries has been selected on the basis of social and economic census of 2011. People who live in one or two-room mud houses have been prioritized in the plan.

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