O-SMART Umbrella Scheme 2019-20

O-SMART Umbrella Scheme – CCEA, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has given its approval for the umbrella scheme. Under this scheme, the central government provides ocean services, technology, observations, resources modeling and science under the O-SMART nomenclature.

O-SMART Umbrella Scheme

The Central Government has decided to implement this scheme during the period from 2017-18 to 2019-20. For this scheme, the government will make a total expense of Rs. 1623 crores. Apart from this, under the Umbrella Scheme, the government would also encompass a total of 16 sub-projects addressing ocean development activities like services, technology, resources, observations, and science.

Through these services under this O-SMART, the government will provide economic benefits to a number of user communities in the coastal areas, namely fisheries. It will them help in reducing the search time for fishermen which will result in savings in the fuel cost.

Presently, a total number of five lakh fishermen communities are getting this information daily through the mobile. This information includes the allocation of fish potential and local weather conditions in the coastal waters. Apart from this, under this scheme, the offshore industry, coastal states, defence, Shipping, ports are also set to avail the benefits from it.

Besides this, the implementation of O-SMART will also help in addressing the issues related to Sustainable Development Goal-14. Its main motive is to conserve use of oceans, marine resources. Under this scheme, the government also provide necessary scientific and technological background required for implementation of various aspects of Blue Economy.

Under the O-SMART Scheme, the state of the art early warning systems established will help in efficiently dealing with ocean disasters like Tsunami, storm surges. Apart from this, this scheme will also facilitate installation of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant (OTEC) in Kavaratti and six Desalination Plants in Lakshadweep.

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