Now Third Daughter of Family will Eligible for Government ‘s Ladli Yojana


Now the third daughter of the family will be eligible to avail the facility of government’s Ladli Yojana. Now the government would be made insurance policy to the third daughter in the family. The government has taken this step to improve the sex ratio of females. It will help to reduce the burden of the family to provide them the better education.

Before in this scheme, only two daughters of the family were included, but now, the third daughter of the family will be eligible to avail the benefit the scheme. Under the scheme, an insurance policy will be made by the government for the third daughter of the family.

Now the third daughter will also be included in this policy. Before only SC OBC families were included in this scheme. Now the third daughter of every family will eligible to get the benefit of the scheme. Under this scheme, the government will be made insurance policy after the registration of the daughter.

In this regard, the C.D.P.O Pratibha Devi said that there is no order have been received in written yet, but the director was reported during the meeting. As soon as the order in writing shall be given the benefit of the characters.

However, the scheme was launched in 2005 by the Women and Development Department to reduce the sex ratio and female feticid to prevent such a social crime.

Under the plan, parents of a daughter on the second child of five thousand rupees per annum for a period of five years of the life insurance policy are invested through the daughter’s name. The amount is given to the unmarried daughter after the completion of 18-year-old.

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