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Nishakt Vivah Protsahan Yojana Madhya Pradesh Apply Online To provide equal opportunity state government of Madhya Pradesh announced Nishakt Vivah Protsahan Yojana for disable. Under the scheme government will provides Rs 100000 if one is disable in couple and Rs 200000 if both are disable. The scheme will helpful for for Assistance, Rehabilitation & Strengthening of Handicapped. Complete details of application procedure, Eligibility and required documents are given here. People may apply for Nishakt Vivah Protshan Yojana through Sparsh Portal.

Eligibility Criteria Nishakt Vivah Protsahan Yojana

  • According to the definition as defined in Section 2 of the Individuals (Equal Opportunities, Rights Protection and Full Participation) Act, 1995, 40 percent or more are disability.
  • The native of Madhya Pradesh
  • Minimum age – 21 years for the men applicant and 18 for the women applicant has been completed. Marriage has been legally prescribed by the religious customs / social norms or competent court.
  • The applicant / applicant should not be income tax payer.

Other Terms of Nishakt Vivah Protsahan Yojana

  • Incompetent marriage encouragement assistance will be given once in their lifetime. In case of widow / abandonment / widower’s getting pre-aid, he will not be eligible again.
  • In order to avail the benefits of an inexhaustible marriage incentive scheme, it is necessary to have 40 percent disability.
  •  The couple (one of the husband/ wife) is able to make the same application, and both of them will have to apply jointly in case of disability.
  • Any application from a disadvantaged couple will have to apply within one year of the completion of the marriage. Otherwise, the eligibility to avail the benefit of the scheme will not be applied
  • Approved assistance, if the marriage before 5 years, then amount will be returned to the government

Required Documents

The following documents must be attached with theapplication form: –

  •  Photocopy of Native Certificate of Madhya Pradesh
  • Photocopy of the certificate issued by the doctor.
  • Certificates issued by competent authority not to be tax-payer.
  •  Photocopy of Age Certificate
  • Combined two passport size photo of the disabled couple
  • In case of widow, photocopy of death certificate of husband
  •  In case of abandonment, photocopy of court orders
  •  Photocopy of bank passbook containing the savings account number

How to Apply

  • Go to the official website at MP Government  Sparsh Portal
  • Click Nishakt Vivah Protshan Yojana
  • Here you will find Apply for Nishakt Vivah
  • Click Nishakt Vivah ke Liye Samagra ID ke madhayam se Aawendan kare
  • If do not have Samagra ID
  • Click register
  • After completion of the registration process
  • You will get a Samagra ID
  • Now go to the Nishakt Vivah ke Liye Samagra ID ke madhayam se Aawendan kare
  • Choose single or joint applicant
  • Fill Samagra ID and Click on “Click Here”
  • Fill all the details and upload required document above mentioned

Note: Under the Nishakt Vivah Protshan Yojana, theapplication is done by the applicant after marriage. Even if the couple ismarried under the Mukhaymantri kanya vivah yojana, they are also provided thebenefit of the Nishakt Vivah Protshan Yojana along with the Mukhaymantri kanyavivah yojana.

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