National Kamdhenu yojana

National Kamdhenu yojan :
The government announced the Kamadhenu scheme. For the purpose of promoting animal Farming, the government will give a Kisan Credit Card, in which 500 rupees will be given every month to cow Breed. Minister announced the Kamadhenu scheme for this and said that the government will not back down for Gau Mata. In order to implement Kamdhenu Scheme scheme, the government has allocated Rs. 750 crores.  The government will also provide loans for animal Farming and fisheries with a discount of 2% interest.

The objective of the scheme

To motivate farmers for the rearing of domestic breeds and enlarge the population of indigenous breeds along with their production and productivity, National “Kamdhenu” Awards: to Best managed Indigenous group by Institutions/Trusts/ NGOs/ Gaushalas or best-managed Breeders’ Societies are instituted under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission.


The farmer must have been maintaining a herd of the indigenous breed(s), Farmers/breeder society/gaushala/institutional farm maintaining any of the recognized indigenous breeds out of 40 breeds of cattle and 13 breeds of buffaloes shall be eligible to apply for the award.

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