National Health Protection Scheme to Start this Year

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National Health Protection Scheme – The world’s largest national health care scheme, which ensures cashless treatment to 40 percent of the country’s population, will start from this year. This scheme can be launched on August 15 or 2 October. To provide the benefits of the scheme to the needy people, it has been kept free from the number of members in the family.

It is estimated that 50 crores people will be spending Rs 10000-12000 crores annually in providing free treatment up to five lakh rupees. It is believed that the annual premium per family will be between 1000-1200.

The Central Government will bear 60 per cent expenditure on the National Health Protection Scheme, run in collaboration with States. State governments will contribute the remaining 40 percent. The policy commission will consider it with the states and make it outlined. Soon a meeting of the states will be convened.

It is believed that it can be landed in the next five-six months. According to Amitabh Kant, CEO of Policy Commission, the treatment for people coming under this scheme will be totally cached and the hospital will not ask for any money at the cost of up to five lakh rupees.

Aadhar to be Linked Under National Health Protection Scheme

According to him, this scheme has been kept in the paperless to connect with the common people. For this, it will be connected to the Aadhar Card. That is, once the identity of the poor family coming under its purview, the Aadhar number of the members of that family will be linked to its database. Any poor person will be admitted to a government or private hospital, then only after looking at the Aadhar number, his cashless treatment will start. But the poor will not be deprived of this scheme, hence the Aadhar has not been made mandatory for this.

Budget Allocation for National Health Protection Scheme

Even though budget provision of Rs 2000 crores has been made for this scheme. But Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has made it clear that funding will not be allowed for this. According to Health Minister JP Nadda, discussions are being held to finalize the draft of this scheme. It will be applied to the insurance model or the trust model. States will be allowed to adopt models.

In addition to providing free treatment to 40 percent of the population, this scheme can also be important in the eradication of poverty in the country. According to the data available with the Commission, due to the huge expenditure on treatment, six to seven crore people go below the poverty line every year in the country. Based on the link, the paperless system will be adopted Analysis Special Pages 121 News related to the budget page 17.

National Health Protection Scheme

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