National Conference on Krishi-2022 Doubling Farmers’ Income

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Krishi-2022 Doubling Farmer’s Income – Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi attended the National Conference on ‘Agriculture-2022: Doubling the Income of the Farmers’ in the Nassil Complex, Pusa, Delhi Yesterday.

Seven Thematic Groups Made Presentations On the following Topics – 

  • Policy and governance reform
  • Agricultural Trade Policy and Export Promotion, Market Structure and Marketing Efficiency
  • Price chain and supply chain management
  • Start-up in science and technology and agriculture
  • Providing continuous and equitable development and services efficiently
  • Capital investment and institutional loans for farmers
    Promotion of livestock, dairy, poultry and fishery as development engines

The Prime Minister appreciated these presentations. They also appreciated the farmers of the country for their significant increase in lentil production.

He said that the government is taking countless coordinated steps to increase the income of the farmers. In this context, he mentioned these four aspects: reducing the cost of raw materials, ensuring the fair value of yield, preventing waste of produce and creating alternate sources of Adam.

The Prime Minister said that the capacity of urea itself has increased by 100% neem coating of urea and in addition, the increase in productivity is also being increased. He said that a study has indicated that with the use of soil health cards, where the use of chemical fertilizers has decreased on one hand, production is on the other hand.

Shri Narendra Modi said that the Central Government is working towards fulfilling 99 incomplete irrigation projects. He also said that 50 of these irrigation projects are likely to be completed this year. The Prime Minister said that after the completion of each irrigation project, the cost of raw materials of the farmers will be reduced. He said that till now 20 lakh hectares of agricultural land has been brought under the purview of Micro Irrigation through Prime Minister Agriculture Irrigation Scheme.

The Prime Minister said that farmers who grow tomatoes, onions and potatoes will benefit from Operation Greens declared in this year’s budget. He said that 22,000 rural hats will be upgraded with the above infrastructure and they will be integrated with the e-name platform. He said that farmers will get the facility of connecting themselves from the markets within 5 km to 15 km radius from their land.

The Prime Minister said that the amount sanctioned for agricultural loans has been increased so that farmers can get loans easily.

The Prime Minister said that many initiatives are being taken to convert agricultural wastewater into the property.

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