Modi Govt.’s Free Treatment Plan ‘National Health Policy’ & Its Benefits

National Health Policy

Modi government has played a major stake in health reform after the election results of five states. The cabinet approved the National Health Policy on Wednesday. Under the new health policy, everyone will get government treatment and the patient can not be denied for treatment. There is also provision of insurance for patients in the policy. However, in the cabinet note, there is no discussion about the health or the ‘fundamental rights’ under the right to food, but there is a provision to ensure healthcare in the proposal.

According to the information available till now, 10 important things of this policy are as follows:

  • Now patients will be given the right to get treatment in private hospitals. People will be allowed to go to government or private hospital for treatment from experts. Under the health insurance scheme, private hospitals will be given the amount to be paid for such treatment. In this case, the money spent on making new hospitals will be spent directly on the treatment. At present, 80% of the doctors in the country and 60% in the case of hospital recruitment belong to the private sector. But most people who go to the private sector have to pay it out of their pockets.

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  • Proposal has been given to provide comprehensive health facilities in the proposal. Under this, the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rates will ensure the availability of medicines and all the means of checking the diseases in government hospitals across the country.
  • There will also be emphasis on digitization in health sector. Special targets have been set to eliminate major diseases. Where the government will focus on strengthening primary care.
  • According to the proposal, the district hospital and above hospitals will be completely excluded from government control and it will also be included in the public-private partnership (PPP) project, the private party.
  • The sources of the Health Ministry said that the scope of the primary health center (PHC) has been increased while making extensive changes under this policy. Under the new policy, for the first time, special emphasis will be given on the upgradation of district hospitals, while the framework for implementing the programs will also be decided.
  • An official said that so far under PHC, immunization, pre-birth investigation and some other investigations were involved. The biggest thing about the new policy is that it will also include screening of diseases that are not created by touch.
  • National Health Policy was pending for the last two years. After the policy, the Government aims to treat 80% of the people of the state free of cost, including drug, screening and treatment. Insurance is also arranged in the policy. All patients will get the benefit of insurance
  • It will not be mandatory for the states to accept this policy and the new policy of the government will be given to them as a model and whether it will be implemented or not depends on the respective state government.
  • For the first time after 2002, health policy is being renewed in the country. According to sources, PM Modi was influenced by former US President Obama’s Health Care Scheme and some input has been taken from them in the current policy.
  • After having the policy, the expenditure on health will be 2.5% of GDP and it is expected to reach 3 lakh crores. At present, it is 1.04% of GDP. According to sources, it is also proposed to impose health tax in the policy.

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