Govt. to Increase MNREGA Employment Guarantee Scheme Wages

MNREGA Employment Guarantee Scheme Wages – The Central Government can consider the revision of MNREGA Employment Guarantee Scheme Wages by considering the demand for minimum wage increase. If MNREGA wages are amended then it will be around next year’s Lok Sabha elections. Last time in 2009, when the wage was revised twice, a problem arose. Many states had increased arbitrarily minimum wages at that time. Under MNREGA, the daily wage in Bihar and Jharkhand ranges from Rs 168 to Rs 281 in Haryana. However, the minimum wage effective from April 2018 in Bihar is 237 rupees. In Jharkhand, it is 210 rupees and Haryana is 281 rupees.

MNREGA Employment Guarantee Scheme Wages

A government official said on condition of anonymity that a high-level committee of chief ministers headed by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will decide how much increase will be made in wages. It will be the responsibility of the Financial Implementation Center. According to the official, the issue of low wages was also exposed in the Regional Conference.

In the last four years, the government had constituted two committees for MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandi NAREGA) wages. The first of these was made in 2013 under the chairmanship of Mahendra Dev. At the same time, the second Nagesh Singh Committee was formed in 2016. According to the Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Laborers (CPI-AL), the Dev Committee recommended payment for the corresponding state or current minimum wages (whichever is higher). At the same time, the Singh Committee had said that there is no need to align both the wages.

The Singh Committee had estimated an expenditure of Rs 4,500 crore for aligning the two wages. Apart from this, shifting index calculation from CPI-AGC to CPI-Rural is an additional burden of Rs 2,500 crore. In 2018-19, the government has set a budget of Rs 55,000 crore for MNREGA. This scheme was launched by the UPA Government in 2006. So far, employment of 2,636.67 Crore Person days has generated, on which 4,76,717.76 crore has been spent. This scheme of the Rural Development Ministry promises to provide employment to every rural household for at least 100 days of 365 days of the year under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

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