Maharashtra Plastic Buyback Scheme for PET Bottles & Milk Pouches

Maharashtra Plastic Buyback Scheme

The Maharashtra Government will also introduce a similar mechanism for tetra packs and retail packaging within upcoming 3 months. This buyback depository scheme is already running in 40 countries throughout the world. Through this scheme, the Maharashtra Government will reduce the generation of plastic waste throughout the state.

Details of Maharashtra Plastic Buyback Scheme

Under Maharashtra Plastic & Thermocol Products Notification 2018, it is mandatory for the manufacturers to take full responsibility for collection & recycling infrastructure for plastic.

Under Plastic Buyback Scheme, it is the manufacturers’ responsibility to recycle PET bottles and milk pouches. Apart from this, they will have to put a refundable charge in order to ensure that the buyers return all plastic bottles / pouches to the stores or at collection machines. However, the manufactures have still not submitted their plans on how to implement this scheme. This scheme has high deposit rates, shortage of recycling capacity and lack of incentives for recyclers which is a major challenge.

Maharashtra Plastic Buyback Scheme 2

Recycling Mechanism is a condition for obtaining a license which manufacturers are not implementing strictly. Any manufacturer who violates this condition will have to face the consequences. The Maharashtra Government has fixed Rs. 50 paise as a refundable deposit for milk pouches and Rs. 1-2 for PET bottles.

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