Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojana – Employment in Mandis

Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojanaमध्य प्रदेश मुख्यमंत्री युवा मंडी उद्यमी योजना – In order to eliminate the problem of unemployment in the state, the Madhya Pradesh Government has come up with a new scheme for the unemployed youth of the state. The name of this employment generation scheme is  ‘Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojana’. This scheme will be implemented in all the Mandis of the state. The process of implementation of this scheme will be completed in 5 steps.

Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojana – Implementation Details
  • First Phase – Online Application
  • Second Phase – Theoretical Training in Gwalior
  • Third Phase – Practical Training for working with merchants,
  • Fourth Phase – The process of issuing licenses to all these trainees
  • Fifth Phase – Young entrepreneurs will be made seld dependent by issuing loans
15 Entrepreneurs Will be Selected Under Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojana

Under Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojana, 15 young entrepreneurs from each Mandi will be selected. His three-month training will be done in Gwalior. In the period of training, the amount of Rs. 5000 will be given to each trainee each month.

During training, the entrepreneurs will be given training in accounting through the computer. Under this scheme, young entrepreneurs from 21 to 35 years of age will be selected. In their application, their graduation and Native Certificate are necessary.

100 Days Business Mandatory

For availing the benefits under this scheme, it will be necessary for the young entrepreneurs to do business in the mandis for 100 days in a minimum year. Its monitoring will be done by the Mandi secretary. Accordingly, the entrepreneur will get the grant. The loan limit will be decided by the Board.

Madhya Pradesh Yuva Mandi Yojana – Facilities & Services

These young entrepreneurs will be trained to become mature businessmen. To utilize the amount of loan and grant, they will be able to get facilities like land, etc. at fair price in the market premises. By taking advantage of these facilities, this young entrepreneur will be self-employed.

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