Madhya Pradesh Free Electricity Connection Scheme

Madhya Pradesh Free Electricity Connection Scheme

Madhya Pradesh Free Electricity Connection Scheme

This is the very big news for Madhya Pradesh people as in a meeting Madhya Pradesh’s government has made an announcement that they will start a new scheme for their state people, suggested name is Madhya Pradesh Free Electricity connection. According to this scheme Madhya Pradesh government will provide free Electricity Connection for families of the Saharia tribe.

According to the Minister of Public Health and Family Welfare and in-charge of the district, Rustom Singh,  this scheme will give benefits under various beneficial schemes in various programs organized in village Kuttwara, Sirpur, Kuswan, Paghara, Meghhona, etc. in Badrashwa Tehsil on Wednesday.

Madhya Pradesh Free Electricity Connection Scheme

In Madhya Pradesh, each family will get Rs.1000  for Sage vegetables, milk and poultice things, etc. to the main women of Saharia tribe families.

This amount will be deposited in the women’s account per month for taking care of their families.

For solving the problems of the villagers, a problem-solving community will be organized within 5 days. Action will be taken to add names of eligible and needy beneficiaries, poverty line through these camps. Under the various pension schemes in the camp, beneficiaries will be benefited by marking the beneficiaries.

Details of Madhya Pradesh Free Electricity Connection Scheme

The land lease has been given to 300 people of the town. 13 of which will be leased immediately. On the enthusiasm of townspeople and women around Paghara, facilitated the pros stressed to empty the liquor shop arranged in the town. In-control Minister announced that sub-prosperity center would be started around Kutwara. Headings to the Executive Engineer of the Public Health Mechanics Department to expand the Naljal plan around Kutwara, for making hand guide around Bhagauria.

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Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gram Kutwara), residential accommodation is provided to 5 housing dwellers. Under the Ladli Laxmi Yojana, give 6 certificates for Ladies. Minister Rustam Singh announced the anniversary of welding and handpump mining in Scheduled Castes in village Paghara. Rustam Singh provided a certificate to 5 girls under the Ladli Laxmi Yojana in Village Sirpur and Kuswan.

Instructions to the officers of the power distribution company, laying the new transformer and power line within 10 days in village Meghouna. He announced the decision to solve the problem of drinking water in Scheduled Tribes and to make a road from Meghna to Indore.

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