Madhya Pradesh Anandam Yojana –

Madhya Pradesh Anandam Yojana

Madhya Pradesh Anandam Yojana – Madhya Pradesh Education Department has launched the Madhya Pradesh Anandam Yojana ( for free distribution of life-saving material to school students. In order to realize the spirit of donation and service for children to realize under this scheme, make all students aware of this feeling on the school board and clothes, hot clothes, educational materials, shoes, bags, purses, furniture from children Collect food, lunch boxes, water bottles, and other living things voluntarily in school.

Madhya Pradesh Anandam Yojana

Institution Mahavir Library and Life-Friendly Materials Free Distribution Committee, Mandasore, which is registered by Madhya Pradesh Government. By getting this material from the schools, it will work to provide free distribution to students, poor children and needy families. Collect information on the organization’s number 94799986005 so that the institution can collect and distribute the material.

Details of Madhya Pradesh Anandam Yojana

With Anandam Scheme, people can do various things in different districts across the state to donate items for the benefit of poor people in this area. These include many things that are essential for everyday living. This can be especially supported in the case of people going out to find jobs, improvements and helps in meeting the needs in all their daily lives.

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People can sign up as a fun under this scheme in search of helping others through the anandam scheme. Training will be made available to applicants to know how they can help other people with this plan. Government employees, NGOs and various cultural organizations can participate in it. The public is still being encouraged to help with supporting this scheme.

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The voluntary system is specially designed to comply with all people. By using this, people can choose for a little more donation which they have things.People are being encouraged to try to come up more and more by trying now. When the program is used properly it will make a lot of difference. The scheme has been proudly supported by government organizations and helps to take care of people with the participation of the government outside.

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