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LIC Kanyadan Policy

LIC Kanyadan Policy- Details of the Policy, Benefits, Amount of Policy, Period of Policy, Last Date Daughter will get 14 Lakh for her marriage.

LIC Kanyadan Policy

Life Insurance Corporation has come up with a unique Kanyadan policy for your daughter’s education and marriage, which can prove to be a perfect financial gift for your beloved daughter. This LIC plan has been brought to give girls more and more independent and safe future.

Details of LIC Kanyadan Policy

To save money for the daughter’s marriage, the whole life falls short. If you think that you have the time needed to save money then you are wrong. Whereas, it is better to plan something that will give a financial security to the daughter’s education, marriage and her life. You can rest on his school and college and his wedding expenses. This policy will save your daughter from the unwanted hazard coming in the future.

LIC’s New Plan
  • According to this new plan of LIC, you save only Rs 70 per day. This will give you 14 lakh rupees for daughter’s marriage.
  • With this policy, you will be able to give financial freedom to your daughter. Because if the future is not around then this policy will work to give your daughter’s college fees and stability.
  • This policy will give life to the daughter financial independence, even if she is married.
  • You will have to pay premiums for a while only – for example, 1, 6, 10, 15 and 20 years.
Details of the Policy

Father’s age: 30 years

Daughter’s age: 1 year

Deposit Account: Rs 100 per day

Time: 20 years

Amount: 7,50,000

LIC Kanyadan Policy

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Or you can say, if you save 60 rupees for 25 years, then you get Rs 13.50 lakh maturity amount. If you deposit only Rs. 4,68,375 in 25 years, then you will get 13.50 lakh rupees.

If you deposit Rs. 121 a day, you will get 27 lakh rupees after 25 years. That is, you have to deposit approximately 3600 rupees every month.

LIC Kanyadan Policy – The Most Liked Policy

LIC agent Ji Mangala points out that this policy is currently being very much liked. Instead of buying mutual funds, people are adopting this policy. This is an offline policy that you can take through the agent. This is Lifetime Policy. Lifetime Policy means that even if you do not, your daughter’s school-college fees will not close and she will need to make a premium. For example, if something happens to you in future, then the premium will stop immediately and your daughter will get 5 lakh rupees immediately. But if someone dies in an accident then 10 lakh rupees will be given.

So, take this policy for your daughter today and leave the worry for her future.

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