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Latest Swayam Courses List 2018

Latest Swayam Courses List – The Central Government has started the SWAYAM programme for achieving access, equity and quality in Education through online mode. On this web portal, students can get video lectures, specially prepared reading material, self-assessment tests and online discussion forum.

Latest Swayam Courses List

Now, the Central Government has given an opportunity to the students to attend online courses offered by reputed universities and faculties. Today, I have provided complete information related to Latest Swayam Courses List 2018 [Top 100]. Now, all the people can make Swayam Online Registration & Login at the official website

Latest Swayam Courses List [Top 100]

In this Top 100 Latest Swayam Courses List , there are 53 courses related to Engineering, 11 to Science, 10 to Education, 8 to Humanities, 7 to Arts and Recreation, 7 to General, 2 to Languages, 1 to Management and 1 to Mathematics Category. Out of the total 100 courses, 97 courses are in English & 3 are in Hindi. Here is the

Latest Swayam Courses List
Scheduled CourseFacultyUniversityStart DateLast DateDuration of Course (Hours)Credits
Hindi Sahitya Ka ItihasShambhunath TiwariAligarh Muslim University22/08/201805/12/2018404
Basics of PhotographyDr. Narayan PatidarDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
AdvertisingDr. Lalit EngleDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Financial AccountingManish SitlaniDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Computer FundamentalsDr. Sanjay TanwaniDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018484
Computer NetworksAnand MoreDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Microbiology, Immunology and Animal Cell CultureDr. Sheetal BhasinDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Biochemistry and Cell BiologyDr. Anjana JajooDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Morphology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of AngiospermsK. N. GuruprasadDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Morphology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of MammalsDr. Sultana RaziaDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering and Plant Tissue CultureDr. Monica JainDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Pracheen Hindi KavyaSurendra YadavDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
Environmental Studies IIDr. Tushar BanerjeeDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018242
Environmental Studies IDr. Tushar BanerjeeDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018243
Hindi Bhasha SanrachnaJayshri BansalDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya – Indore23/08/201828/11/2018363
July 2018: Role of Craft Technology in Interior – ArchitectureSmriti SaraswatIIT Roorke27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Introduction to ProteomicsSanjeeva SrivastavaIIT Bombay27/08/201819/10/2018200
July 2018: InteractomicsSanjeeva SrivastavaIIT Bombay27/08/201819/10/2018200
July 2018: Corrosion – Part IKallol MondalIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Mathematical Modelling: Analysis and ApplicationsAmeeya Kumar NayakIIT Roorkee27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Design Practice – IIShantanu BhattacharyaIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Introduction to Accounting and Finance for Civil EngineersSudhir MisraIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Introduction to Machine LearningSudeshna SarkarIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Developing Soft Skills and PersonalityRavichandran TIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Ethics in Engineering PracticeSusmita MukhopadhyayIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: LeadershipTuheena MukherjeeIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Manage TBMohan NatrajanIIT Madras27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Introduction to Finite Volume Methods IAshoke DeIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Design of fixed wing Unmanned Aerial VehiclesSubrahmanyam SaderlaIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Biology for engineers and other non-biologistsSuraishkumar G.KIIT Madras27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Photogeology In Terrain Evaluation Part – 2Javed MalikIIT Kanpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
Ecology and Environmental Pollution BotanyDr Zafar A Reshi ReshiKashmir University27/08/201817/11/2018480
July 2018: Matrix Method of Structural AnalysisAmit ShawIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Advanced Linear Continuous Control Systems: ApplicationsYogesh Vijay HoteIIT Roorkee27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Introduction to Basic Spoken SanskritAnuradha ChoudryIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Pericyclic Reactions and Organic PhotochemistrySankararaman S SIIT Madras27/08/201819/10/2018200
July 2018: Natural Gas EngineeringPankaj TiwariIIT Guwahati27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Landscape Architecture and Site Planning – Basic FundamentalsUttam Kumar BanerjeeIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Nonlinear ProgrammingGupta S.K.IIT Roorkee27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Welding of Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive AppMurugaiyan AmirthalingamIIT Madras27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Introduction to Abstract Group TheoryKrishna HanumanthuChennai Mathematical Institue27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Design and analysis of algorithmsMadhavan MukundChennai Mathematical Institute27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Nanotechnology in AgricultureMainak DasIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: WildLife ConservationAnkur AwadhiyaIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Hardware Modeling using VerilogIndranil SenguptaIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201818/11/2018300
July 2018: Water, Society and SustainabilityJenia MukherjeeIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Functional GenomicsGanesh SIIT Kanpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Introduction to Abstract and Linear AlgebraSourav MukhopadhyayIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Phase Equilibria in Materials -Nature & Properties of MaterAshish GargIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Ecology and EnvironmentAbhijit DeshpandeIIT Madras27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Geotechnical Engineering LaboratoryMandal J. NIIT Bombay27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Recent Advances in Transmission InsulatorsSubba Reddy BIndian Institute of Science27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Microwave Integrated CircuitsJayanta MukherjeeIIT Bombay27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Economics of Health and Health CareAngan SenguptaIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Biomedical nanotechnologyGopinath PIIT Roorkee27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: BiomicrofluidicsTapas Kumar MaitiIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Reinforced Concrete Road BridgesNirjhar DhangIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Introduction to Programming in CSatyadev NandakumarIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Groups : Motion, symmetry and puzzlesAmit KulshresthaIIT Madras27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Experimental Stress Analysis-An OverviewRamesh KIIT Madras27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Simulation of Business Systems: An Applied ApproachDeepu PhilipIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Outcome Based Pedagogic Principles for Effective TeachingShyamal Kr Das MandalIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Geosynthetics Testing LaboratoryMandal J. N.IIT Bombay27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Gender Justice and Workplace SecurityDipa DubeIIT Kaharagpur27/08/201823/09/2018100
July 2018: Contemporary Architecture and DesignSaptarshi KolayIIT Roorkee27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Cloud Computing and Distributed SystemsRajiv MisraIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Biostatistics and design of experimentsMukesh DobleIIT Madras27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Sustainability through Green Manufacturing Systems: An ApplDeepu PhilipIIT Kanpur27/08/201821/10/2018200
July 2018: Design and pedagogy of the introductory programming courseAbhiram RanadeIIT Bombay27/08/201823/09/2018100
e-GovernancePardhasaradhi YarlagaddaOsmania University04/09/201807/12/2018604
CryptographyRajesh Kumar BawaPunjabi University – Patiala04/09/201831/10/20181204
Financial and Material Resources ManagementVenkat Ram Reddy MinampatiPandit Deendayal Petroleum University04/09/201810/12/2018604
Awareness Programme on Solar Water Pumping SystemMukesh KumarIndira Gandhi National Open University05/09/201804/10/2018300
YogaJagdish SinghPunjabi University – Patiala07/09/201822/10/2018962
Population, Environment and DevelopmentAnupama UppalPunjabi University – Patiala07/09/201822/10/2018962
Trends and Dynamics of World PopulationAnupama UppalPunjabi University – Patiala07/09/201822/10/2018962
Research Methods In Population StudiesGurinder KaurPunjabi University – Patiala07/09/201822/10/2018962
Psychology with Special Reference to Physical EducationJagdish SinghPunjabi University – Patiala07/09/201822/10/2018962
Concepts And Theories of PopulationGurinder KaurPunjabi University – Patiala07/09/201822/10/2018962
Cyber LawVishal GoyalPunjabi University – Patiala10/09/201831/10/2018942
Information SecurityManinder SinghDr.Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology10/09/201829/10/20181082
Business Planning And Project ManagementRavi AhujaSavitribai Phule Pune University10/09/201803/11/2018704
Quality Assurance in Engineering EducationESM SureshNational Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research – Chennai17/09/201811/11/2018403
Organic Chemistry ILalita KumarIndira Gandhi National Open University17/09/201831/12/2018640
Introduction to Physical AnthropologyJibonkumar SManipur University – Imphal24/09/201827/12/2018905
Human Rights and Humanitarian LawPramod NaoroibamManipur University – Imphal24/09/201813/12/2018854
Diseases of Horticultural crops and their managementBireshwar SinhaManipur University – Imphal24/09/201821/12/2018773
Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational PsychologyHomen ThangjamIndira Gandhi National Tribal University24/09/201821/12/2018854
Field CropsJamkhogin LhungdimManipur University – Imphal24/09/201828/12/2018955
Human Resources ManagementVenkat Ram Reddy MinampatiPandit Deendayal Petroleum University01/10/201804/01/2019604
Environment SustainabilityRajesh MIndira Gandhi National Open University01/10/201815/11/2018500
Disaster ManagementNaveen Kumar NanjundanUniversity of Hyderabad01/10/201831/12/2018655
Counseling in Social WorkDr. Kanaka durga vissaAndhra University01/10/201831/12/2018604
Information TechnologyBageshree DeoSavitribai Phule Pune University01/10/201824/11/2018153
Gerontological Social WorkVishweshwar Rao DrAndhra University01/10/201828/12/2018604
Social Welfare AdministrationDK Lal DasOsmania University01/10/201828/12/2018604
ICT in Teaching and LearningK James MathaiNational Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research – Bhopal15/10/201809/11/2018202
An Invitation to MathematicsSankaran VishwanathIIT Madras01/12/201807/02/201900
Industry-Institute – Community PartnershipR.G. ChoukseyNational Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research – Bhopal01/01/201901/02/2019202
OER for Empowering TeachersMalliga PNational Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research – Chennai21/01/201915/03/2019200
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