Ladli Laxmi Yojna : Improve the condition of girls in India

In order to improve the educational and health status of girls in India many projects has been launched in India. One of the projects is Ladli Laxmi Yojna which aims to improve the conditions of girls and bringing an end to social evils like female infanticides and child marriages. It will bring a positive attitude on the birth of a girl.

The girls born after January 1 2006 can benefit from Ladli Laxmi Yojna.

The benefits of this scheme can be taken by the following:

• The parents are income tax payers and not native to MP
• Before the application of parents to be accepted by the Family planning in case of second child
• The beneficiary is regularly present in the aangan wadi centres
• If the family has 2 children and the parents have died , in such a case parents death certificate is required.
• If in the second delivery twin girls are born, the twin girls can benefit from this scheme.
• If the family has adopted a girl child as their first child, will be given benefit under this scheme.
• During first delivery the Three girls are born,all three will benefit from this project.

How to apply:

• To get the benefit from this project apply in your villages aangan wadi centre.
• Attach all the documents with the application form.

When to apply:

• Within one year of birth in any aangan wadi centres it has to be registered
• Parents, whose first child was born on 31 March 2008 before the birth of the second child the application will be required to be registered within 1 year.

Amount Given:

• Beneficiary will receive 6000 rupees till 5 consecutive years.
• Girls entering the 6th grade shall be paid Rs 4000 and Rs 2000 who is attending Class 9th and 11th class for Rs 7500 shall be paid a lump sum.
• Girls of 21 years and those studying in class 12 will be paid a lump sum remaining .

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