Kerala Nirbhaya Scheme – Complete Details

Kerala Nirbhaya Scheme – The State Government of Kerala has launched its new Nirbhaya Scheme for the welfer of the women and children in the state. Under this scheme, the government will provide safety and secutiry to the women and children. According to the scheme, the government will create awarness about the crime and violence. This scheme is launched by the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of the state.

Kerala Nirbhaya Scheme Key Features

  • With the help of this scheme, the government will provide saftey and security to the children and women and they will live without any fear in the society.
  • In order to crearte awarness about the scheme in the society, the government will set up a team of volunteers at village and district levels. They will educate the children and women about the crime and violence committed against them. The will also create awarness about eh gender euality in the society.
  • In order to implement this scheme, the government will take help of organizations which will organise the compaigns on district level in the villages to educate the women and children about the crime and violence activites.
  • In this scheme, the school and colleges will also be covered from this scheme for such activities. The beat officers will also visit houses within their jurisdictions to ensure the proper implementation of the scheme.
  • The volunteers will be trained to create awarness about the women safety, the will also organise seminars on district level for women safety in the villages.
  • The volunteers educate the people about gender equality which will change the behavior towards women and it will help to reduce the violence against the women in the society.

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How to select Volunteers Under Kerala Nirbhaya Scheme

  • In this scheme, only 5 volunteers will be selected from the wards/ Corporation/Panchayat/municipality.
  • The government will also select volunteers from Jagratha samitis at the Panchayat level.
  • The Police Head on district leve will handel the selection process of the volunteers.
  • The volunteers will get training of cybercrime, protection, gender issues, interactions and police scheme training for women, child and senior citizens.

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