Kerala Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers

Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers – The state government of Kerala has launched a new scheme for Migrant Labourers in the state. This insurance scheme will provide tham safety ans security of life. According to the scheme, about 25 lakh migrant laborers would be covered under this scheme. 

Details of Insurance Scheme for Migrant

  • In this scheme, the government will register all the migrant workers to provide the benefit of this scheme. This insurance scheme will give them safety and security. According to the scheme, about 25 lakh labourers will be benefited from this scheme.
  • Now a days the number of labourer is increasing day by day. As per the details, about 10% laborers criminal record where they living. With help of this scheme, all the migrant labourers will be registered in this scheme and they easily identifyed by the records.
  • The government will works on it to make a proper registration of migrant labourers in Kerala state.

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Objectives of the Scheme

  • The state government has launched this scheme to register all the Migrant Labourers in this scheme. With the help of this, the government will easily collect all the details about Migrant Labourers. Under this scheme, the government will provide them several facilities like special medical camps & basic sanitation facilities.
  •  Under this scheme, the government easily manage record of Migrant Labourers and it help the government to indetify the detials of labourers.

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Benefits of the Scheme

  • All the registered migrant labourers will get an insurance card under this insurance scheme.
  • More than 25 lakh labourers will be benefited from this scheme insurance scheme.
  • There are several benefits will given to the labourers such madical and basic facilities in the state.

Features of the Scheme

  • The Kerala government has introduced this scheme specially for Mirgant Labourers.
  • Mostly laboureres are come from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and about 25 lakh laboureres will get the bebefit of this insurance scheme.
  • After the registration of labourers they will be live safe in the state without any problem.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Migrant Labourers will be registered in this scheme in Kerala

Required Documents

  •  Aadhaar card as a ID proof
  • Migrant certificate

Important Links

Kerala Labour and Rehabilitation Department

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