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Kalia Scheme Registration Form

The Odisha Government has launched the Kalia Scheme for the farmers of the state. The full form of KALIA is Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation. Under this scheme, the state government provides 5 kinds of help and facilities to the eligible and needy farmers which include 3 types of assistance, life insurance and Interest Free Crop loans for all the small and marginal farmers of the state.

Details & Benefits Of Kalia Scheme Odisha

Kalia Scheme consists of 5 kinds of benefits & facilities for the farmers. Here are the details of these benefits and facilities –

  1. Assistance for Cultivation
  2. Assistance for Livelihood
  3. Assistance for Vulnerable Agricultural Household
  4. Life Insurance for Cultivators & Landless Agricultural Laborers
  5. Interest Free Crop Loan

Assistance for Cultivation – Rs. 25000

Under the Kalia Scheme, the Odisha Government will provide financial assistance of Rs.25,000/- per farm family over five seasons to all the small and marginal farmers of the state. Through this assistance, the farmers will be able to purchase inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and use assistance towards labour and other investments.

Assistance for Livelihood – Rs. 12,500

The state government will provide a financial Assistance of Rs.12,500/- to each landless Agricultural Family for Agricultural allied activities i.e. for small goat rearing unit, mini-layer unit, duckery units, fishery kits for fisherman, mushroom cultivation and bee-keeping, etc. This benefits will be particularly provided to the SC & ST population of our State.

Assistance for Vulnerable Agricultural Household – Rs. 10,000

This assistance of Rs. 10,000 will be provided to all the vulnerable cultivators/landless agricultural laborers. This assistance will be provided by the state government to each eligible family in order to enable them to take care of their sustenance. For this benefit, all the vulnerable cultivator/landless Agricultural Laborers who are in old age, having disability/ disease and are vulnerable for any other reason are eligible.

Life Insurance for Cultivators & Landless Agricultural Laborers – Rs. 2 Lakh Insurance

Under Kalia Scheme, the state government will also provide a life insurance cover of Rs. 2.00 lakh at a very nominal premium of Rs.330/- to all savings bank account holder of age between 18-50 years. For this, the Odisha Government will bear farmers’ share of annual premium of Rs.165/-.

A personal accident cover of Rs.2.00 lakh at an annual premium of Rs.12/- for will also be provided by the state government to all the savings bank account holder aged between 18-50 years. For this, the Odisha Government will bear farmers’ share of annual premium of Rs.6/-.

Apart from this, all the beneficiary whose age is between 51-70 years, the whole amount of Rs.12/- towards annual premium will be borne by the state government.

Interest Free Crop Loan – Rs. 50,000 Interest Free Loan

The Odisha Government will also provide an interest free loan of upto Rs. 50,000 to all the vulnerable landless laborers, cultivators, share croppers and agricultural families identified by Gram Panchayats.

How to Apply For Kalia Scheme

First of all, the farmers will have to check for their name in the Kalia Scheme Beneficiaries List. If their name is not in the Kalia Scheme List then they have to apply for the scheme. For this, follow the simple steps given below –

  • Firstly, download the Kalia Scheme Green Form. You can also get this form from G.P office and PACS.
  • After that, put the duly filled application form in the “DROP BOX” kept at PACS/GP office level. 

Download Kalia Scheme Registration Form

There are two types of Kalia Scheme Registration Form i.e. Red Form & Greem Form. Click on the links given below and download the Kalia Scheme Registration Form of your choice –

Download Red Form For Addition Of Name in Beneficiaries List

Download Green Form For Removal Of Name From Beneficiaries List

Click here to check the Kalia Scheme Beneficiaries List

Contact Details – Kalia Scheme Registration Form

Toll-Free Helpline Number – 1800-572-1122

Batra (Give Miss Call) – 080-6117-4222

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