Jharkhand Shwet Kranti Yojana – Women Got Cow for Milk Production

Jharkhand Shwet Kranti Yojana

In order to promote the Shwet Kranti in the district, the cow was distributed in the second phase of Jharkhand Shwet Kranti Yojana BPL women in the District Gavya Development office on Saturday. Farmer Sugarcane Animal Husbandry Minister Randhir Singh distributed the cow to all BPL women. He told that the Jharkhand state is heading towards the White Revolution. On the other hand, Devgarh is fastest in this state of revolution.

What is Jharkhand Shwet Kranti Yojana

The cow is being distributed only in the whole state of the state, but the second phase of Cow distribution scheme in Devghar was started today. In the earlier stage, a single cow was distributed in the first phase. Its purpose is to make women self-reliant. Under this, government will distribute cow to BPL women and purchase milk from them. Jharkhand transfers money to the milk federations directly into their account so that they do not have any problem.

He said that the government has increased the first step with you by the government. Cow is now being distributed to 41 BPL women around Palojori. The cow will be distributed to all of the beggars. Two cows will be distributed between four thousand BPL women.

He said that this will be further extended in the district. For this, the milk storage will be increased from ten thousand liters to twenty thousand liters. The foundation stone of 50,000 liters of milk storage in Sartal will be done by the Chief Minister. Where darves of Sarth, Madhupur, Jamtara, Mihijam etc. will be stored.

There is a plan to store one lakh liters of milk. District Development Development Officer Sanjeev Kumar Ranjan said that today the second phase of two cows is being started from 41 women. Cattle will be given to 41 BPL women around Sartal, Palojori, according to their choice, then the cow will be distributed to all others. There will be a white revolution in this plan.

On the spot Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh, District Fisheries Officer Roshan Kumar, Chandrashekhar Kaushik were present.

News Source: https://m.bhaskar.com/news/JHA-MAT-latest-jamtara-news-025002-2407292-NOR.html

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