Jharkhand government to start Health Insurance scheme from December 28

Health Insurance scheme

Jharkhand will start ” Mukhyamantri health insurance Scheme” on completion of two years of government. Common People will be insuranced  under this scheme from December 28. One hundred crore has been approved by Health Department  for the first phase of the scheme also official file has been sent to the authorized committee for further actions.

Also note that the transaction advisor appointed by the Department is in the final stages of the process. Five companies have placed their bids regardingly. Some of the necessary documents  has been asked by the Department from those five companies. Transaction Advisor will assist the Government in the selection of insurancs to be made. AK Chowdhary, executive director of the Mukhyamatri  Health Insurance  said the  schemeshall be introduced in all circumstances to December 28.

From BPL to APL  will be covered Under Mukhyamantri Health Insurance Scheme

Being launched by the state government Mukhyamantri Health Insurance Scheme will  give insurance up to Rs 2.50 lakh. 50 thousand of insurance  for general disease and Rs 2.50 lakh in insurance for serious illness will be given under this scheme.Also from BPL to APL will get benefit from this scheme. About two thousand illnesses will be covered under the insurance.

The Mukhyamantri Health insurance scheme was formerly included in the National Health Insurance Scheme for BPL, MGNREGA workers, domestic workers, Bidi workers, street vendors, sanitation workers, mine workers, Aoto and taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, the same way reggae drink has been done. It has not changed.

The amount of insurance premiums 60 percent by central government, and 40 percent of the  state government will bear. The state government has decided to benefit all those who come under the purview of the National Food Security Act to provide insurance cover.

The state government will bear the entire premium under the scheme. Annual income of up to Rs 72 thousand people have been placed under the insurance scheme. The state government will bear the premium. APL The government also decided to extend the benefits of the insurance scheme. APL will have to pay the amount of the premium, the premium set by the government agency would give them the choice, would be lower than the market rate.

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