Indian Railways Give-It-Up Scheme for Giving Up Subsidy

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Indian Railways Give-It-Up Scheme – The Government had already started giving up the subsidy of LPG earlier. Now the Railway Department is also asking the general public to give up their subsidy. The government wants to give the option of giving up the subsidy on a ticket to the general public. This scheme will be started from the next month. The Railway Department has all set to implement this scheme on war level.

The Railway Department has prepared 2 Slabs of Subsidy in their Details –

  1. 50 Percent
  2. 100 Percent

Highlights of Indian Railways Give-It-Up Scheme

  • In order to create awareness between the passengers, the Railways Department has started printing on the tickets about the subsidy.
  • Currently, the Railway Department Bears 43% expenditure of our journey fare by which Railway have to bear a loss of 30,000 Crores per Annum.
  • While traveling to suburban and short-range trains, traffic is 52% of traffic, while their share of total passenger earnings is approximately 6-7%.

Jamshed said that this block is responsible for 60% of the annual subsidy of 34,000 crores.

Details of Indian Railways Give-It-Up Scheme

  • The ‘Give-It-Up’ option will be available for tickets booked online or purchased from counters.
  • To make passengers aware of the subsidy burden on the fare, the railways had started printing – “Indian Railways recovers only
  • 57% of the cost of travel on an average” – on computerized tickets although the current accounting system does not give the exact cost.
  • Railways have introduced dynamic fares in elite trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi.
  • Cost of a 3AC ticket from Delhi to Mumbai on a superfast train like Golden Temple Express, for a passenger who wants to give up, the subsidy will be Rs 2,750 instead of the Rs 1,570.
  • The cost in 2AC by the same train will be around Rs 3,990 instead of Rs 2,275.

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