How To Apply For EWS/DG Quota Admission Scheme 2017 Complete Guidelines

EWS-DG Quota Admission Scheme 2017

EWS/DG Quota Admission Scheme 2017

The Director of Education of Delhi has announced that the admissions for the children of EWS/DG category in nursery class are available in Delhi for the 2017-18 session. The official name of the scheme is EWS/DG Quota Admission Scheme.

The full forms of EWS and DG segments are Economically Weaker Section and Disadvantaged Group segments respectively. The open seats in the nurseries that are taking in students are specifically for these two segments. EWS segments refer to those whose families might be too poor and DG segments refer to those who have mental or physical considerations that might keep them from being compatible with others. The new scheme is designed to help get children into the schools they are looking to attend. This is also to improve upon the application process.

Number Of Seats

For the children of EWS and DG category, about 25% seats open for the nursery. This is to assist children in having additional support for getting into schools of all sorts.

How to Apply Online

  • Go to the official website of the ‘Directorate of Education’ for the scheme at
  • The application form for the scheme is available on the main website.
  • Applicant must have to enter all the information required.
  • Applicant must have to enter his mobile number as the messages related to the application will be sent on the registered mobile number. Confirmation information on the application will also be sent here.
  • After getting the confirmation details on the mobile number, the user must log back into the site to enter in the proper confirmation data. This is to ensure that the data on the application is fully accurate.


The form can also be edited later on if there are any errors or other problems on it. The form can be deleted in general if there are any substantial errors or other concerns on the form.

Documents Required

  • Applicant must be needed the following documents
  • Child’s Birth certificate.
  • The child must have to be from three to six years of age on 31st March 2017 to qualify.
  • An income certificate is required for the children of EWS category. DG category do not need to provide such a certificate
  • For DG category, a certificate medical certificate must be provided in the event that the child is disabled. The certificate should have come from a Government Hospital for it to be accepted.
  • For those who are orphans or those in the transgender segment, a proper document of proof will have to be presented. This should be a document issued by a proper authority.
  • Orthopedic-challenged students must also have information on their conditions. This includes details on the medical challenges they hold and that they have been receiving proper treatment for their conditions.

These documents must be as detailed and specific as possible. This is to see that they will get the help they require for getting into schools. All documents must also be up to date so any questions that might be held can be properly confirmed and secured.

Fee Payment Criteria

The children who qualify under the EWS quota will not have to be an admission or tuition fees. Others in the general category will have to pay those appropriate fees as necessary.

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