Himachal Pradesh 90,000 Steel Water Bottles Distribution For Students

Himachal Pradesh 90,000 Steel Water Bottles Distribution

In the recent Cabinet meeting held in the state, this scheme has been approved. In order to start this scheme in a phased manner, the first class IX has been selected. Currently, 90000 students are studying across the state in Navi orbit. Standard steel water bottles will first be distributed from the new class. Gradually, this distribution will be done in stages in Class X, Class XI, Class XII and other small classes. Under this scheme, 90000 students of the state studying in 9th Class will get standard steel water bottles for free.

To begin this scheme smoothly, a meeting of the Department of Environment officials along with the education department and food supply corporation has been held on October 11. In this scheme, the purchase of stainless steel bottles will be done by the State Food Supply Corporation. With this, the Environment Department will present the budget for this scheme.

Highlights Of Himachal Pradesh 90,000 Steel Water Bottles Distribution
  • Delivery of free stainless steel drinking bottles will be started in October.
  • Under this scheme, distribution of drinking water bottles for free among about 90000 students of Ninth Class will be done.
  • Children will be distributed steel bottles to replace plastic bottles for drinking water.
Himachal Pradesh 90,000 Steel Water Bottles Distribution

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