Haryana Marriage Assistance Scheme for Girls

Haryana Marriage Assistance Scheme

The state government of Haryana Labour Department will give Rs 50,000 to registered workers daughter marriage under the Financial assistance for Haryana Marriage Assistance Scheme.

Haryana Labour Welfare Board in collaboration with state government has taken initiative to provide financial assistance for unorganized worker three girls daughter.

About Haryana Marriage Assistance Scheme

This is the financial assistance scheme for the unorganizedworkers of the state to marry of the daughter. Only those workers who have registeredin Labour Department Haryana can avail the scheme. All type of workers such asfactory workers, shop and community workers, construction workers, governmentdepartment/organizer workers and others types of workers can avail the benefitsof the schemes.

Objective of Haryana Marriage Assistance Scheme

  • Provide financial assistance for girls marry
  • Encourage girl’s baby through financial assistance
  • Prevent child marriage
  • Reduce the burden daughter marriage of the workers

Benefits of the schemes

Under the schemes government will give Rs 50,000/ to marrythree girl’s child of registered workers. This support is given to the workers forthree girl’s marriage.

Condition to Avail the Scheme

  • The beneficiary must have completed membership of at least one year.
  •  Any one of the following officials, marriage card and application should be certified: –

 State Gazetted Officer / Assistant Labor Commissioner/ Labor Inspector / Secretary Gram Panchayat / Panchayat Officer / BDPO / DDPO/ Naibahsildar / Tehsildar / Kanongo / Patwari / Assistant Director, IndustrialSafety and Health / SDO and Government Department or Board or MunicipalCommittee / Junior Engineer of Municipal Corporation / City Council andPrincipal of Government School (Principal / Head Master / Admistris)

  • Copies of proof of age of bride and groom certified by themselves (the minimum age of bride, 18 years and minimum age of bridegroom age 21 years) will be presented with claim form.
  • The applicant will write down that he will submit the marriage certificate in the respective Assistant Director’s office within a span of one year or else he will not be eligible for any benefit under any welfare scheme in the future.
  •  The applicant will present the promise / self declaration that he has not received this assistance from any other government department / board / corporation.


  • Must be one year membership
  • All registered member can avail the scheme
  • Registered member’s family can also avail the scheme after the death of registered member

How to Apply

  • Go to the official website of the Labour Department Haryana at https://hrylabour.gov.in
  • Click on User Login at right side of the page (Click Here to Know Registration Process)
  • After login choose the schemes
  • And fill the all required details

For more Details Contact

Haryana Labour Welfare Board: 0172-2560226

Bays No. 29-30 (Pocket-II), Sector-04

Panchkula (Haryana) -134112

Toll Free No. For HBOCW Board: 1800-180-2129

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