Haryana Cyber Security Portal Helpline Number

 The state government of Haryana has launched the Haryana Cyber Security Portal with a toll free number. The government has launched the portal to create awareness and report awareness. Haryana is the first state in India to launch such portal. The state government primary motive to launch the portal is creating awareness and provides a platform for complaining about the cyber security.

This is the designing by the Information Security Management Office (ISMO) and E & IT Department Government of Haryana. Now cyber security is the main motive of any government, without cyber security anything is not possible. The portal will helpful for cyber security and awareness about online fraud and Launched to address issues related to security and cyber hazards related to mobile devices.

Haryana Cyber Security Portal Work

SMO has initiated its two programs called ContinuousVulnerabilities Management (CVM) and Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM) inline with the preventive, detective and reactive approach. ISMO has started itsoperations by identifying and implementing Open Source tools and processeshelping in threat identification, prompt detection of an incident and respondto the incident to prevent an attack.

The portal main motive is prevent the user from any cybermistake, detect the cyber fraud and finally react the detect problem. Establishand maintain Information Security (InfoSec) related policy framework for the State.This will include policies, standards and implementation guidelines as may beneeded. Create and maintain a State InfoSec Asset Catalog and periodicallyassess the security posture of the assets therein.

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The portal is mainly design for awareness about the cyberfraud and provide e learning about the how to secure your system and Preventingto Identity Theft, fake antivirus, keeping children safe online and how tominimize the access for others. Complete information about the cyber securityis available here with details of all cyber policy.

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