Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana | Free Bus Fair For Girls | Rs. 1400 Fair

Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana

Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana – The Haryana Government has launched the “Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana”. Under this scheme, the state government will provide monthly bus fair to the girl students who are studying in the schools far from their home. Under this scheme, all the girl students with minimum will be eligible for this scheme.

Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana

The School Management Committee, parents and teachers will make arrangements to take the girls safely to the school and then back to home through bus, minibus, car, cab, max, jeep or auto. If more girl students are going to school then the vehicle will be hired collectively. With the license of the driver, the vehicle must be registered. Also the driver’s character should not be questionable. If there is a driver or owner in the village, then its services can be taken.

Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana – Eligibility Criteria

Below is the eligibility criteria for the Haryana Parivahan Suraksha Yojana –

  • All the girl students with minimum will be eligible for this scheme.
  • Those girls whose village do not have schools for 9th to 12th Classes.
  • Apart from this, if there is no school for 11th and 12th classes in which the subject is available in which the girls wants to study then the girl will be eligible under this scheme.

Note – The girl students who are availing the benefits of Haryana Free Bicycle Scheme will not eligible for the scheme. Because, one girl can avail the benfits of only one scheme. The state government will transfer the monthly fair amount directly to the bank accounts of the girl students.

Haryana Chhatra Parivahan Suraksha Yojana – Benefits
  • On the six-kilometer journey from village to school, four rupees per kilometer will be given. Rs. 600 per student will get an estimated 25 working days.
  • On eight kilometers, the state government will provide Rs. 800 per student per month
  • For ten kilometer, Rs. 1000 per month will be provided.
  • Rs. 1200 will be given per month per month for 12 kilometers of traffic.
  • Rs. 1400 for 14 kilometers and 16 kms daily will be payable every month per student.

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