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Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme

Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme – Dear Friends we have a good news for Haryana panchayat  people, The Government of Haryana has introducing a scheme ,7-Star Gram Panchayat Rainbow scheme to give star rankings to its panchayats on the basis of seven social parameters Under this scheme as many as 1,120 villages of the state have achieved rankings since its launch in January 2018. Ambala has topped star ranking followed by Gurugram and Karnal..The main motive of the state government behind launching this scheme is to improvement in  the working of Gram Panchayats in Haryana.

7 Star Rainbow Scheme

Key Facts

Haryana government has finalize 7  social parameters under which panchayats will be judged  Which are sex ratio, education, hygiene, environment preservation governance and social participation. Stars of different colours  are awarded to panchayats depending upon their performance in each parameter Gram panchayats scoring maximum in all parameters will be recognized as Indradhanush Gram Panchayats. They will get permission for development works from Development and Panchayats Department of the State Government depending upon their performance .Villages winning six stars will be Authorize to get additional developmental works worth Rs 20 lakh. Villages with 5 stars rating will get additional delopmental works worth Rs 10 lakh.

The different parameters are: a) Sex Ratio (pink), b) Education and No dropouts (Sky Blue), c) Hygiene and Sanitation (White), d) Peace and Harmony (Saffron), e) Environment preservation (Green), f) Good Governance (Golden), and g) Social Participation (Silver)

  1. Only Gram panchayat of Haryana state is applicable for this scheme
  2.  village of Haryana state are Applicable only
  1. Hygiene /Serenity
  2. Peace & Harmony (No litigation or Minimum litigation)
  3. Environment Preservation
  4. Good Governance
  5. Social Participation
  6. village will get additional development  work after winning 6 stars
  7. village which  adopt swachhta  mission will be given extra rupees 50000 as reward .

For the Development and panchatyat department  you can go tom the official website : harpanchayats.gov.in

Haryana 7 Star Rainbow Scheme

The main objective of instituting this award is to strengthen the institution of GPs and to highlight it as an institution of decision making and making their Gram Panchayat proud. This includes the economic & social development of Gram Panchayat in a transparent way through participative democracy offering equal opportunity to all citizens including the poor, women & other marginalized sections of society.

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