Gujarat Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana – Gujarat Government has launched its new scheme named Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana. This scheme is specially launched for general public to provide health services and medical treatment to the people in the state. However, this scheme was launched in 2016 but the government is want to countinue this scheme to provide the benefit of this scheme to the people. In this scheme, the people will be able to availe the health and medial services in the state.

Objective of Gujarat Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana

This is a Sarkari Yojana of Gujarat Government which is specially launched for general public of the state. Under this scheme, the state government will provide better health and medical treatment services to the people which are free of cost. Besides, the government will provide other services on affordable cost while some services like advanced diagnostic facilities and laboratory tests are availeble free of cost in the government hospitals.

In order to provide medical tests and diagnostic facilities to the people about 9,156 sub-health centers, 1,342 primary health centers, 331 community health centers, 33 sub districts, 22 district hospitals and 16 medical colleges are selected under this scheme.

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Key Features of Gujarat Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana

  • Under this scheme, the government is providing better health services to the people at free of cost and other services on affordable cost.
  • All the people can avail the benefit of the scheme who live below poverty line and other people who are financialy weak they can afford the costly treatment for the family.
  • In this scheme, the government will provide free of cost services like  – medical tests for a health screening other tests such as blood test, blood group test, urine test, test to diagnose diseases such as jaundice, diabetes, typhoid, kidney etc. The government will also provide some other services free of cost.
  • This scheme is being implemented by the Health and Family Welfare Department of the state.
  • According to the scheme, the all the medical tests will be done free of cost in government hospitals and people will have not to go in any private hospital.

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